We can see that even in Europe democratic values are being diminished. The gap between the rich and the poor is increasingly widening. Refugee flows in our continent trigger right-wing populists in Europe and around the world. Demonisation and division fosters the development of “the enemy” and leads to a new exclusion and traumatisation of people persecuted in their homeland. Constructive political dialogue and the will to integrate rather than deport is urgently needed.


Dialogue across borders and bridges - here and back to the country of origin.


Building bridges means for us constructive and positive dialogue: external borders with transitions instead of walls demonstrates strength rather than power. Instead of going through loops, training is required.

Even in the case of deportation, "temporary integration" and development assistance in Germany is( we believe) necessary. In order for constructive integration to succeed, creativity is needed with the participation of all who live together. As a result, individual solution strategies for individual communities can be found.
Integration is therefore understood not only as a task for refugees.

Dialogue can only be maintained through relationships and through the setting of relationship gestures. This is particularly true of stress-laden dialogue threatened by violence and aggression, In this context, we find the systemic approach of the “New Authority” of Haim Omer and the Psychology of Nonviolent Resistance very helpful. Both by professionals and by clients.
Feedback is often given on how supportive and positive NVR has changed their work or life. This is reflected both in the coaching of caregivers who work with people in their plight in various settings, as well as in therapeutic settings with people waiting for asylum.

B4HP is committed to dialogue and cooperation. We promote initiatives with our “know-how” and support processes in communities.